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victimadvocates's Journal

Victim Advocates
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Do you work with survivors of abuse, rape survivors, survivors of domestic violence? Are you a social worker, counselor, rape crisis advocate? Are you committed to the causes of ending rape, abuse and domestic violence in our society and supportings survivors of those traumas?

If the answer to these questions is "yes", this might be the place for you!

This community is for those who advocate for survivors of abuse -- rape, incest, child abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault -- to talk about issues related to those topics. It's also a place for people who deal with those issues day in and day out to let off some steam.

Joining this community means that you agree:

  • Not to post gratuitously graphic or sexual content -- discussions that are on-topic but graphic should be posted with an lj-cut, and discussions of a sexually provocative nature are not welcome.

  • Not to post anything here that violates the confidentiality of those for whom you advocate. If you want to discuss a specific situation you've dealt with in your work, you must change the specific details and names in your post such that you are not breeching confidentiality by posting.

  • This community is not for the gratification of those whose sexual fantasies tend towards rape or abuse. If this is what you're looking for, go elsewhere!

Your community moderator is warmfuzzygrrl, please feel free to contact her if you have questions or comments or need help using the community.