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I like it when the bad guys aren't so bright...

So, as I'm walking out of the courtroom today, escorting the man I arrested for Aggravated Stalking, his attorney tells him, "Don't make any more statements to any detectives. Tell them you have an attorney." (His original statement to me got his case bound over to superior court.) Just as we get outside, he turns to me and says, "Doesn't my girlfriend look just like *******" (* = the name of the man's wife, whose TPO he violated for the Agg Stalking charge). It makes me feel much better when they make my case for me.

I've been back to work now (after returning from maternity leave) for about a month. Our county gets around 30,000 domestic violence calls each year, so it's an intense job for a DV detective. Our county just established a Domestic Violence Unit in the police department in January of 2006. I've been working in it since the beginning, but was on light duty due to my pregnancy. Now that I'm back, I'm on full duty. I can honestly say this is one of the most challenging positions that I've had in the department. For every arrest we make and every victim we convince to testify there are two more who we cannot get to prosecute. But I feel that we're really making a difference, and I enjoy my job very much.

Just felt like speaking up, since things have been quiet.
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