Jonathan (en_particulier) wrote in victimadvocates,

Introductory Post

Hi, I'm new to the community. I love what you are doing. I have a question. What avenues can one take in bringing awareness to a public figure that is a somewhat-admitted pedophile, and whom I know for a fact has had graphic sexual chats with teenage (under 18) girls. The person to whom I am speaking of is Elijah Blue Allman, Cher's son and singer in the band Deadsy. Here are the lyrics of one of the band's songs:

la la la la la la

oh itsy bitsy titsy girl
where are you
oh itsy bitsy titsy
said our love was true
oh my itsy bitsy titsy
so young and so unused

now itsy bitsy titsy
plays a mean hop-scotch
as she does her little ditty
I can stare at her crotch
oh my itsy bitsy titsy
little queen of double dutch

now itsy bitsy titsy girl
where are you
oh itsy bitsy titsy
with those eyes so blue
oh i love how itsy bitsys
little blouse is so see through

so itsy bitsy titsy
now your off to camp
but I bet
those itsy bitsy undies still are damp
I'll be waiting for September
in the playground outside
your class

now itsy bitsy titsy
quit when i wasnt through
I found a place to keep her hid
where nobody knew
now my itsy bitsy titsy
lights up all of my afternoons

oh itsy bitsy titsy
as I came she blew
still she doesnt hold
her candle to her black
silk suit
as she clutches itsy bitsy titsy
now we're three from two

any opines on what avenues one could take in raising awareness about this guy? most of his fans are pretty young and naive, and I am curious if anyone would like to help me shut him down. thank you.
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