ms. sparkles cupcake mcprincess (xtinystudx) wrote in victimadvocates,
ms. sparkles cupcake mcprincess

not too active but...

so i know there aren't a whole lot of posts in here, but i joined anyway and wanted to introduce myself.

i'm heather, i'm a 21 year old senior in college studying social work. i'm a crisis line/advocacy volunteer at a sexual assault and domestic violence advocacy center and i'm about to being an internship with our youth program coordinator, learning how to be an advocate for the children caught in these situation and also how to manage a group of YA volunteers.

i hope to be able to use this community to debrief about clients/callers and also about the agency i work for.

thanks for having this community!
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Hi Heather! I work for a DV center too. Glad you're here.
thanks! what city do you work in? my center is also the shelter, so it makes it that much more interesting.
I'm in Nashville...Ours is a shelter too. Is yours community living or apartment style? Ours is community living, so there can be lots of drama....
ours is also community living. drama galore. a rash of thefts lately, as well. siiiigh.
Interesting stuff. I'm a freshman at Carthage and I'm only JUST starting to do the same thing as you. I'm scheduled to take "intro to social work" in my spring term, and I've already filled out an application for the crisis center in town (where I hope to spend all my volunteer time), but technically I haven't started yet. I'm nervous.
i go to an alternative college and we don't have majors or traditional classes, so i suppose i can't say i've actually formally studying social work. what i have studied is psychology, sociology, biology, anthropology, marriage and family history, case management and counseling...i figure that'll give me a decent background for getting my MSW.

i've been working at the shelter (our center is also the confidential women's shelter) for about 9 months and i absolutely love it. i understand that feeling of being nervous, for the first month or so, i panicked everytime the phone rang or whenever a resident tried to talk to me. now, i'm a lot better although there's still stuff i don't know, although i hear that you can't ever know everything.

if you ever have questions or want to chat, feel free to IM or email me.