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Rape Crisis Center/Domestic Violence Shelter Relief

We at the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CALCASA) would like to send our condolences and support to those affected by Hurricane Katrina which destroyed parts of the Gulf Coast of the United States. We have been in contact with our sister sexual assault coalitions in Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi, and are aware of the massive devastation in those regions.

Communication is completely down in most areas and local rape crisis centers are struggling to reach staff and family members. Reports of sexual assaults in evacuation shelters are already coming in, and the need for advocates in this area is crucial. Domestic violence shelters, already strained for resources, are completely overwhelmed.

Natural disasters are likely to trigger emotional reactions in victim/survivors from previous traumas, such as those experienced from sexual assault and/or domestic violence. While other charities and organizations are doing their part to help everyone affected, we would like to send our resources directly to sexual assault and domestic violence groups operating in the affected regions.

Right now, our sister organizations are seeking monetary funds to assist in their efforts to relocate victims and staff to safer locations, provide food, water, and clothing, and transport advocates from surrounding states to places in need.

Please consider making a tax deductible donation through our secure PayPal website or by check made out to CALCASA (designated to “Hurricane Relief” in the memo line) as a means to send your care and support to our sister coalitions in Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi. These coalitions will be distributing these funds to their local rape crisis centers to assist displaced victims/survivors and/or staff, repairs or rebuilding efforts, food, supplies, etc.

Thank you for your generosity and support of our sister organizations in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Your support is greatly appreciated!

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