I'm not a failure I swear....... (alias_faith) wrote in victimadvocates,
I'm not a failure I swear.......

in need of ideas...

So my name is Michelle. I am a current undergrad at UCLA and I suffered abuse from the hands of my "father" for 16 years. In school I am part of a group called Project MAC (we tutor and mentor abused/neglected kids). There will be a week in April that will be dedicated to child abuse/domestic violence and we need help coming up with events for each day. So far we know we want speakers one day, another day we want to screen the movie called "searching for Angela Shelton." but other then that it is still up in the air. Any help or comments would be much appreciated.
Has anyone heard of Take back the Night or know a school that does that. I've heard it mentioned many times but I dont know whats its about or what events they have?

thanks for reading

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