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Presentation brainstorm

Hello advocates,

I'm a nursing student (and advocate), and I'm giving a presentation to my pediatric group on what happens when it comes to light that a child's been sexually abused/assaulted (in California).

Which topics do you think are especially important to touch on?

So far, I'm thinking:
-mandated reporting--do any of you know if nursing students are mandated reporters?
-Signs/symptoms/red flags
-normal sex play for each age group
-How sexual abuse affects the child as s/he grows up, lifelong issues, etc
-the forensic exam
-role of law enforcement, social workers, advocates
-common reactions, feelings of the family. How to support the family as a unit
-court process, what happens to perp, etc

Am I missing anything? Any more ideas? Any really cool resources to direct me towards?

One more thing: Do any of you know about the Jeanette Prandi Children's Center in Marin County, CA? Is it still operating? The website, seems to be down.

Thanks for your help!
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