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Presentation brainstorm

Hello advocates,

I'm a nursing student (and advocate), and I'm giving a presentation to my pediatric group on what happens when it comes to light that a child's been sexually abused/assaulted (in California).

Which topics do you think are especially important to touch on?

So far, I'm thinking:
-mandated reporting--do any of you know if nursing students are mandated reporters?
-Signs/symptoms/red flags
-normal sex play for each age group
-How sexual abuse affects the child as s/he grows up, lifelong issues, etc
-the forensic exam
-role of law enforcement, social workers, advocates
-common reactions, feelings of the family. How to support the family as a unit
-court process, what happens to perp, etc

Am I missing anything? Any more ideas? Any really cool resources to direct me towards?

One more thing: Do any of you know about the Jeanette Prandi Children's Center in Marin County, CA? Is it still operating? The website, seems to be down.

Thanks for your help!
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In the "roles of" section, maybe describing an MDIT interview.

Also, maybe touch on the vulnerabilities of children and why children "don't tell." Most often the child molester is someone the child knows, and people don't realize how the compounds the trauma and confusion/guilt/fear.

And, time permitting, I always love to touch on Megan's Law.

Hope this helps. Good luck! I do presentations in CA as well, and should I find some of the resources I use online, I'll send them your way!